It’s o-fish-al, we’re online!


If you were around in the 80s/90s you may remember a channel called ‘MTV’ that was primarily dedicated to playing music videos. Now, five seasons of “Teen Mom” later, I’ve been working to re-create that experience in a more modern and interactive format.

Elevator Pitch: VidFish allows you to create music video playlists personalized to your mood and music tastes. I’ve currently got 16 hand-curated video playlists that touch a variety of moods, genres, and activities.

My favorite feature though is the ability to create your own playlists by linking your Spotify account. Just sign in, and VidFish will pull in all of your Spotify playlists, find the music videos, and play them back seamlessly in a non-obtrusive player.

Give it a try at

It’s o-fish-al, we’re online!